Latest heavy lift drone with max payload of 16kg at 14mins flight time
Freefly RTK GPS module using the latest GNSS module will give you rock solid height and position hold at centimeter level precision
HD Wireless video system 5000ft range
F.I.Z remote focus system 5000ft range with separate iris control for DIT
Wireless monitoring solution 3x separate monitors
5x head sets for wireless communication

3-axis stabilized remote head
25Kg payload
3-axis Fiber Optic Gyro for advanced stabilization
Full carbon fiber design for lightweight setups
Flowcine Black Arm vibration isolator for vehicle tracking work 

3-axis stabilized remote head
A versatile gimbal for crane and hand held work
– Easy Rig Vario 5 Gimbal support arm & vest

3-axis stabilized remote head
Lightweight and compact gimbal for specialized shots
Full accessory bundle to increase turnaround time to under 3min from gimbal to studio mode

2x sets of Freefly 3-axis wheels
2x sets of FRX long range communication modules for Freefly wheels
1x set 3-axis Inertia Nodo wheels

Drone expansion

Drone LED lighting in development